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                            THE LATEST NEWS AT VANSFORVETS.ORG

The Covid-19 Pandemic has all but destroyed most of the small business in the USA and globally and organizations like ours have felt the pain more than most.  VansforVets.Org has been kept in existence through the good graces of a few individuals (who wish to remain anonymous) by providing the funds necessary for VFV to continue its Mission to support Disabled, Homeless Veterans and their Families and At-Risk Youth.  To help VFV remain viable and capable of service its clients, Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, has formed an affiliation with FundWisePartners, LLC of Provo, Utah in which affiliation FWP will provide assorted financial products, such as low-interest loans, unsecured loans for just about any purpose.  To qualify for the programs applicants must have a credit score of at least 660 ('Fair' Credit Rating) or more.  The Staff (still 'All Volunteer' for 12 years), remain committed to assuring VFV is able to continue its Mission to help all Veterans and their Families.


Calling All Veterans, Family Members, Friends and Entrepreneurs!  Now that you have completed your TDY or Military Career, it’s time to pursue that ‘dream’ of yours to own your own business…maybe a ‘Harley Franchise’, or a ‘Pizza Franchise’, or a restaurant, or a car dealership: whatever your dream! It takes ‘MONEY’ to make those dreams happen…and now’s your chance to make the ‘Jump to Hyperspace’, be your own Boss, work your own hours, or hire people to work for you…whatever your dream…money to make it happen is no longer the issue! Maybe you want to start your own candle-selling or perfume marketing or clothing line?  Or maybe you want to open a business and rent bicycles or mopeds at the Santa Monica Pier?  The only limit to achieving financial freedom and your ‘Life’s Dreams’ are those you place on yourself.  Saying ‘I don’t have the money to start my own business and be successful’, is no longer true.  Banking rules and laws have changed in the past few years and money has never been more plentiful or accessible by ‘the little guy'.

Our Affiliates have the ability to help you access
An unsecured credit lineBusiness funding
Tax Service Packages  (Big Money in obtaining ‘Tax Credits’ for Corporations)
401 Rollovers with PartnersCorporate Credit Lines (unsecured)
*To qualify for our funding packages Applicant must have FICO Credit Score of 660 (minimum).  We can check your credit score for you, free of charge, and your credit profile will not be affected by our efforts on your behalf.

For More Information and to start your Free Program click this link:  

You can improve your life, dare to be great, earn unlimited income and finally take control of your own life and secure your family’s future!  Just click the link below!  Dare to Be Great!

Please buy a cup of coffee for our Veterans and Families at Please R/T and share TQVM and Merry Christmas to All.

Mr. Dennis Packee, Principal of Rieman’s Harley-Davidson in Kewannee, IL has gone ‘above and beyond’ as shown in this letter to Christopher and Jamie Walters of Kewannee, IL regarding storage of their Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Many companies provide free services to active-deployed military personnel by waiving storage fees, rental fees, etc.  This is an excellent example of business owners truly supporting our Active Duty Military Personnel, and families.  Big ‘Shout-Out’ and Kudo’s to Mr. Dennis Packey of Rieman’s Harley-Davidson in Kewanee, IL !  Thanks, Dennis!

                                      Confederate Soldiers are US Veterans

U.S. PUBLIC LAW 85-425  Confederate soldiers, sailors, and Marines that fought in the Civil war were made U.S. Veterans by an act of Congress in 1957 under U.S. Public Law 85-425, Sec 410, Approved 23 May, 1958. 

This law made all Confederate Army/ Navy/ Marine Veterans equal to Union Army, Navy and Marine Veterans who served either side during the Civil War.

Additionally, under U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by the 17th Congress on 26 Feb 1929, the War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as U.S. War dead grave sites.   Just for the record the last Confederate veteran died in 1958.   In essence, when a Confederate statue, monument or headstone  is moved, defaced or destroyed, that monument is, in fact, a monument or head stone of  a legal U.S. VETERAN.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Remember to thank a Veteran and Family on Christmas.  Let's all continue to work together to make America strong again as we move into a new year, 2016.  America's future remains bright.  Let's all Celebrate our Freedom and Liberty!

Please remember to thank our Lady Veterans at Christmas.  Many have paid the ultimate price for our Freedom.  Let's all say a special prayer and light a candle for all Lady Veterans! 

If you shop at, please use this link and VansForVets.Org will receive a donation from AmazonCares.Org.  Please use this link.  Thank You and Merry Christmas to All!

                                                   NORAD Activates SantaTracker !

Merry Christmas To All From VansForVets.OrgChildren of all ages will be thrilled to learn that US Space Command at Peterson AFB, CO has activated it "SANTATRACKER.ORG" portal at

Join us in celebrating NORAD's 60th year in providing "Santa-Tracking" for children of all ages!  And be sure to share the link and have fun!  The Staff at VansForVets.Org extends its Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All! 

Remember to Donate Unwanted Furniture Today!

Chattanooga, Tennessee (CNN)[Breaking news alert, posted at 11:27 p.m. ET Thursday]Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was carrying 30-round magazines when he opened fire, according to a source briefed by law enforcement. Abdulazeez kept police at bay for some time with the amount of ammunition he had, according to the source.

The shooting suspect was armed with an AK-47 style weapon‎ at the time of the attack according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation.

[Previous story, posted at 10:30 p.m. ET Thursday]

(CNN) -- Who was the gunman accused of killing four Marines in a shooting rampage Thursday at two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and why did he open fire?

Suspected shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, is dead, the FBI said. But -- publicly, at least -- investigators haven't said much more about him.

Witnesses saw Abdulazeez spray a hail of bullets at the glass doors of a military recruiting center in a strip mall. Then the gunman, who according to a law enforcement official was driving in a rented silver Ford Mustang convertible, moved on to his next target more than seven miles away: a Naval reserve center. There, he rammed into a gate at some point during his shooting rampage and was eventually killed by police, a U.S. official said.

Now, with the FBI in the lead, a terrorism task force is investigating, a law enforcement source said.

In grateful appreciation for their service, TAPS honors the lives of 7 U.S. Marines killed in this week's training crash. The official release of names was made by MARSOC this afternoon. Among the fallen include Staff Sgt. Seif, recipient of the Silver Star medal just last week for his actions in Afghanistan that saved life of a fellow Marine. Among the men killed in a military training accident this week was the 2013 Marine of the Year, who just last week was awarded the Silver Star, the military’s third-highest decoration for valor. Staff Sgt. Andrew Seif, 26, was one of 11 veteran Marines and soldiers conducting a training mission off the Florida coast when their UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter crashed, killing all on board during a nighttime operation in foggy conditions.

A second Black Hawk involved in the exercise managed to return to base safely. There is still no explanation as to what caused the crash.

Helicopter Crash: 7 Marines, 4 Soldiers Presumed Dead in Florida

WATCH: Marine Reunites With Combat Service Dog After 4 Years

U.S. Military Training Explosion: 7 Marines Killed in Nevada

Seif and the six other Marines on board were members of the highly-trained Marine Special Operations Command, known as MARSOC.

MARSOC identified the six other Marines as Capt. Stanford H. Shaw, III, 31, from Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Master Sgt. Thomas A. Saunders, 33, from Williamsburg, Virginia, Staff Sgt. Marcus S. Bawol, 26, from Warren, Michigan, Staff Sgt. Trevor P. Blaylock, 29, from Lake Orion, Michigan, Staff Sgt. Liam A. Flynn, 33, from Queens, New York, and Staff Sgt. Kerry M. Kemp, 27, from Port Washington, Wisconsin.

The crew of the Black Hawk helicopter were from the Louisiana National Guard and had extensive experience. The two pilots had thousands of hours of flight time and had reached “instructor” status, one of the highest designations pilots can achieve. The Louisiana National Guard members have not yet been identified.

The remains several individuals killed in the accident will be received Friday at a private ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

The years of experience between the men lost compounds the tragedy. In 2013, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey was present when Seif, a Holland, Michigan, native, became “Marine of Year” at a USO Gala in Washington D.C.

"I mourn the loss of so many brave men, including Sgt. Andrew Seif, the 2013 Marine of the Year,” Dempsey said in a statement to ABC News. “Their loss a reminder to us that those who serve put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. And we will work with the services to ensure their family members will be well cared for.”

                       Some Interesting information about the Statue of Liberty....

Here are some things you may not know about "Lady Liberty"...

                                             COINS LEFT ON TOMBSTONES

While visiting some cemeteries you may notice that headstones marking certain graves have coins on them, left by previous visitors to the grave.

These coins have distinct meanings when left on the headstones of those who gave their life while serving in America's military, and these meanings vary depending on the denomination of coin.

A coin left on a headstone or at the grave site is meant as a message to the deceased soldier's family that someone else has visited the grave to pay respect. Leaving a penny at the grave means simply that you visited.

A nickel indicates that you and the deceased trained at boot camp together, while a dime means you served with him in some capacity. By leaving a quarter at the grave, you are telling the family that you were with the solider when he was killed.

According to tradition, the money left at graves in national cemeteries and state veterans cemeteries is eventually collected, and the funds are put toward maintaining the cemetery or paying burial costs for indigent veterans.

In the US, this practice became common during the Vietnam war, due to the political divide in the country over the war; leaving a coin was seen as a more practical way to communicate that you had visited the grave than contacting the soldier's family, which could devolve into an uncomfortable argument over politics relating to the war.

Some Vietnam veterans would leave coins as a "down payment" to buy their fallen comrades a beer or play a hand of cards when they would finally be reunited.

The tradition of leaving coins on the headstones of military men and women can be traced to as far back as the Roman Empire.

Remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Freedom during the first snow fall in Pennsylvania USA, submitted by our supporter, 'Pilot Bruce'....  Thanks, Bruce, for all you do!

                                            Raising the US Flag on Iwo Jima

In honor of the celebration of the 239th Anniversary of the founding of the US Marine Corps I am posting this story from my family's history about my Dad's cousin, Bobby Resnick, who provided one of the original US flags raised over Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima. 

Here's the account in Bobby Resnick's own words taken from files of the US Coast Guard and documented by the US Navy Archivist:…/weboralhistory/Resnick_Iwo_Jima.asp

Active Duty Middle EastThese are some recent photos of family members submitted and requested for posting.  These are postings of soldiers on Active Duty in 'hot zones' in the Middle East.

Soldiers are shown having some fun provided by 'Rock Star' sponsored by the USO.  Special thanks to 'The Ice Man'!!

More Fun for our troops by 'Rock Star' and sponsored by the USO  Way to go USO !!! Special Kudo's to the Ice Man and his crew for such a great show of support for our troops!  This helps to keep morale high!  Outstanding!

             VansForVets.Org to Establish New Chapter to Serve Southeast Asia

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, has announce his plans to establish a new Chapter of VansForVets.Org to provide outreach and services to US Veterans, active duty personnel and military families, living and working in Southeast Asia.  Dr. Resnick said the new Chapter will be named in honor of Sgt. Rick Kups, former associate and Founding Director and Board Member, who passed away, suddenly, in October, 2013.  Sgt. Kups and Dr. Resnick were friends and business partners since the early 1980's and collaborated to establish VansForVets.Org as a non-profit entity to provide services and outreach to fellow Veterans and NGO officers.  Without Rick's help and support, 'Stealth Technology', as we know it today, would not have been possible.  Kudo's to Rick and the entire Kups Family!

Dr. Joe is currently outstationed in Malaysia where he is working on a number of different projects with assistance and guidance from the US Department of Commerce and the US Department of State.  Additional details and event schedules will be announced shortly! 

For more information about Dr. Resnick and his adventures in Malaysia see: 

A grant provided by corporate sponsors, RMANNCO, Inc. ( ) and NxGenUSA Corporation, will be used to aid in securing new office space in Kuala Terengganu Darul Iman State (Northeast Peninsular Malaysia) and in Kuala Lumpur.  Sgt. Rick Kups was a member of 101st Airborn Division, US Army, and served two tours of duty in Viet Nam from 1968 thru 1972.

NxGenUSA... Technology from the Space the World...NxGenUSA will serve as Host for proceedings planned in Kuala Terengganu and Kuala Lumpur (Details to be announced).

The Bill Mann Chapter of VansForVets.Org extends Thanks and Best Regards to all Veterans and family member on Veterans Day, November 11, 2014.  Thanks to all who served!

                                                   God Bless America



                    Happy Veterans Day to All Who Served and to the Families

Thank you, Ed Freeman, whom we lost in the Summer of 2014.  Thanks to all who served!

VansForVets.Org has moved its US Headquarters to a new location at 286 NC Highway 286 Lenoir, NC 28645.  The facility comprises 1800 square feet and has three offices where VFV Staffers can perform day-to-day operations.  The facility has been leased at the cost of $600.00 per month, plus utilities.  Persons wishing to donate to VFV to help defray these operational expenses may do so at VFV's Paypal donation portal at:                 

                               Last WWII Lakota 'Wind Talker' Passes Away

Last Lakota code talker Clarence Wolf Guts dies at 86 When the towers of the World Trade Center fell on Sept. 11, 2001, Clarence Wolf Guts asked his son to call the U.S. Department of Defense to see if the country needed his code talking abilities to find Osama Bin Laden. Wolf Guts was in his late 70s at the time, so his son, Don Doyle, did not make the call, but said the request personified his father's love of country. "He still wanted to help. He was trying to still be patriotic," Doyle said. Wolf Guts, 86, the last surviving Oglala Lakota code talker, died Wednesday afternoon at the South Dakota State Veterans Home in Hot Springs. A Native American code talker from World War II, Wolf Guts helped defeat Axis forces by transmitting strategic military messages in his native language, which the Japanese and Germans couldn't translate. "He's the last surviving code talker from the whole (Lakota) nation. It's going to be a little like the passing of an era," Doyle said. The 450 Navajo code talkers were the most famous group of Native American soldiers to radio messages from the battlefields, but 15 other tribes used their languages to aid the Allied efforts in World War II. Wolf Guts was one of 11 Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Native American code talkers from South Dakota. Wolf Guts, of Wamblee, enlisted in the U.S. Army on June 17, 1942, at age 18. While in basic training, a general asked Wolf Guts if he spoke Sioux. He explained the three dialects to the general and said he spoke Lakota. Wolf Guts helped develop a phonetic alphabet based on Lakota that was later used to develop a Lakota code. He and three other Sioux code talkers joined the Pacific campaign; Wolf Guts' primary job was transmitting coded messages from a general to his chief of staff in the field. Pfc. Wolf Guts was honorably discharged on Jan. 13, 1946, but the horrors of war followed him home and he turned to alcohol to forget, Doyle said. "He tried to keep it all inside," Doyle said. About a decade ago, Wolf Guts started to share his experiences as a code talker with his son and the public. Doyle said his father's deeply religious way of life was also a part of the stories. He always thanked God for bringing him home. With the sharing of his story came recognition of his service and honors, including national acknowledgement through the Code Talkers Recognition Act of 2008 championed by senators Tim Johnson, D-S.D., and John Thune, R-S.D. Both senators honored Wolf Guts efforts and offered their sympathies on Thursday night. "I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Clarence Wolf Guts. He and his fellow Code Talkers have had a lasting impact on the course of history and helped lead the Allies to success during World War II. He will be greatly missed, but his contributions to our state and nation will live on," said Johnson. "Clarence Wolf Guts was an American hero; he was courageous and self-sacrificing. I have a great deal of respect for Clarence and for the extraordinary contributions Mr. Wolf Guts made to our country. The efforts of the Lakota Code Talkers saved the lives of many soldiers, and for too long went unrecognized. Kimberley and I wish to express our sympathy to his family during this difficult time," Thune said. Doyle said his father was humbled by the recognition, but was proud of his service during the war. Wolf Guts' desire to help others continued throughout his life well after the war ended. "He considered himself just a man, nobody important. A man that tried to make life better for his family and his people. To me that is his legacy, to be able to help people," Doyle said. "To him, that was being warrior."

Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr. of Helen, MT has passed away at age 77.  According to Col. Marcel's daughter, Denice, Col. Marcel passed in his sleep while reading a favorite book.  Col. Marcel Jr. graduated from medical school at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in 1961 and joined the U.S. Navy in 1962. He retired after nine years and later joined the Montana Army National Guard and became a flight surgeon in 1981.  He was called back to active duty in October 2004 and served as a flight surgeon in Iraq for just over a year. He reached the rank of colonel.  Col. Marcel  joined the US Navy in 1962 and was assigned to the USS Renville.

He participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis as a member of the ship's company. He retired from the Navy in 1971, earning his wings as a National Guard flight surgeon in 1981.  He completed  specialty training in Otolaryngology at the Naval Hospital, San Diego, California and then retired from the Navy in July of 1971 and entered private practice in Helena, Montana. 

Montana Air National Guard Shoulder Patch

Jesse joined the Montana Army National Guard in 1973, went through helicopter flight training as a flight surgeon at Ft. Rucker, Alabama earning his wings in 1981. He was appointed State Surgeon of the State of Montana and retired from the military the second time in August of 1996 on his 60th birthday. At age 68, he was called back to active duty during the Iraqi war.  In recent years he had been serving as an otolaryngiologist at the Veterans Hospital in Ft. Harrison, Montana.  Dr. Marcel was 77 years old at the time of his death.

Col. Marcel was an Otolaryngologist, an "ENT-doctor".  He worked as an ear, nose and throat specialist and retired from the Veterans Administration Hospital at Fort Harrison, Helena,  MT with the rank of Colonel.  Colonel Marcel is survived by his wife, Linda, and eight children. 

At left is Col. Marcel's Air Wing Insigna.  Dr. Joe Resnick, Executive Director of VansForVets.Org issued the following comments when he learned of Col. Marcel's passing a few days ago:  "I'm saddened to learn of the passing of my Colleague, Friend, and Brother-in-Arms, Col. Jesse Marcel, Jr.  Jess and I shared a special interest in advanced propulsion systems and I knew Jesse through our affiliation with USAFDE, the Aerospace Medical Society (functions) and the Human Factors Engineering Branch of USN/USAF.  Jesse was an excellent Flight Surgeon, and his bed-side manner was almost, 'Angelic'.  Jess administered his Art in practice of Medicine in one of the most compassionate ways I've ever witnessed", Resnick said.  Continuing, Resnick said, "On behalf of all the Staff and on behalf of all 26 Chapters of VansForVets.Org, I'd like to extend our Deepest Sympathies to Linda and the Marcel Children and Family.  Jesse will always hold a special place of honor in all of our heart's".

                              Oldest WWII Vet Passes At 104 Years Of Age

Mr. John Overton of Detroit, Michigan, the oldest surviving Veteran of World War II, passed away at the age of 104 years on July 4, 2013.  Sgt. Overton was a PFC in the US Army and served in Europe and Okinawa.


                                 Korean War Era Vet Finally Returns Home

Neice Gets Word that Uncle Has Been FoundVicki Dodson Holds Photo's of Her Uncle, Charles Scott, Who Was Lost in Korea 60 Years Ago

More than 60 years after ‪#‎USArmy Soldier Charles Scott went missing during the Korean War, his remains have been identified and will be returned to his family for burial. His niece, Vicki Dodson says the identification has brought solace to her family:

Vicki Dodson never knew her uncle Charles, an Army soldier who was declared missing in action in the Korean War in 1950, a decade before she was born.

It was, as you might expect, an unimaginable loss for her grandmother, who was just a teen when Charles was born and largely raised him alone. Her grandmother lived in Alexandria at the time, and she would go to Washington’s Walter Reed Army Medical Center every week for years, desperately hoping to find some news of her only son, or perhaps someone who knew him.

She found nothing.

“From time to time, she would pull items out of her cedar chest — like a Japanese type of tunic that Charles had sent her from Japan — and she would show us pictures and talk about it,” Dodson said during an interview at her home in western Henrico County. “You could tell it was very sad for her that she never really had closure.”

She will have it soon.

Dodson’s family — including her 98-year-old grandmother, Frances Dresser, who lives in Lynchburg — learned this month from military officials that Charles Lawrence Scott’s remains have been identified and will be transported in early September to Lynchburg, by way of Richmond, for burial with full military honors.

Finally, Dresser, who in recent years has survived pacemaker surgery, a broken hip and creeping dementia, has some answers and a chance to say goodbye.

“We honestly feel,” Dodson said, “that God has kept her on this earth for all this time so she can bury her son.”

Advancements in DNA testing made the identification of Scott possible, along with a number of serendipitous developments.

In 2007, a cousin of Scott’s in North Carolina landed on the Korean War Project website and read of efforts to identify the remains of Americans killed in action, which led him to JPAC — the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, an organization within the Department of Defense that attempts to account for Americans listed as prisoners of war or missing in action from past wars.

The cousin learned maternal DNA was preferred for such testing and set about finding the maternal side of Scott’s family — no small effort since Scott’s parents had divorced when he was young and the cousin had not seen any of them in many years.

He knew the family had lived in Lynchburg, so he searched online for Scott’s mother, found her name in an online directory and was surprised to learn she was still alive.

It was a long process, but DNA samples from Dodson’s grandmother and mother, Patricia Goff of Lynchburg, Scott’s half-sister, eventually led to a match that prompted JPAC officials to write a letter to the family in July saying they were certain Scott’s remains had been identified.

Military representatives visited Dresser’s home in early August to share details of the case, to present Scott’s Purple Heart and Good Conduct Medal, and to set a date for Scott’s remains to be returned to Lynchburg.

Among other details, the family learned that military officials believe Scott, an Army corporal who was promoted posthumously to sergeant, was killed during the infamous Battle of Chosin Reservoir, which began in the brutal cold of late November 1950. He turned 20 that summer.

As it turns out, Scott’s remains were among those turned over by China to United Nations forces in September 1954. Two years later, after being declared unidentified, the remains were buried in Hawaii at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific — often known as the “Punchbowl” because of the volcanic crater where it is situated — in Section U, Grave 788.

In an odd twist, Frances Dresser visited the cemetery during a 1960s trip to Hawaii, having no idea her son was there.

As we talked, Dodson showed me photos of her uncle, as well as a postcard he mailed to his mother that bears an image of the transport ship that took him to Japan. It’s heartrending to look at the gentle swirls of the neat handwriting and know it was made by a young man who, at the time, was still in his teens.

Scott’s casket will be flown to Richmond, where it will be met by Dodson and her brother, Charles “Chuck” Goff, who lives in Goochland County, and their families before proceeding to Lynchburg. (Chuck Goff, by the way, was named for their uncle. In a way, Dodson, whose middle name is Scott, was, too.) A graveside service is scheduled for Fort Hill Memorial Park on Sept. 5.

For Dodson’s family, the past few amazing weeks have not only shed light on what a brave soldier Charles Scott was, but also have brought them in touch with a side of his family they didn’t really know. They also have heard stories about Scott, like the one about him delivering the Lynchburg paper as a teen and using the money to buy a motor scooter that he’d use to give rides to his sister — Dodson’s mother.

“You would think by now I would stop crying about it,” Dodson said as she shared these stories, “but it’s so incredible.”

It’s most incredible, she said, for her grandmother, a woman who has experienced much in her life.

“She made it through the Great Depression, she was a career woman before it was cool and she raised Charles on her own,” Dodson said.

“She’s just been an amazing woman, and an incredible role model. She’s an incredible cook, a beautiful seamstress, a gardener. She was so talented she could just do anything. I’m just so happy for her that she is finally going to have closure.”

And despite her health, Dodson’s grandmother is quite aware of what all of this means.

“When they presented the medals to her, she just knew,” Dodson said. “She had tears in her eyes.”

VansForVets Foothills Chapter Well Represented At The Annual Pop Ferguson Blues Festival

Dr. Joe Resnick, Executive Director, along with his Grand Son, Holden, and Chapter President Joy Mann-Simmons, represented the William R. Mann Chapter of VansForVets.Org at the Annual Pop Ferguson Blues Festival in Lenoir, NC on June 7th and 8th.  The event was attended by more than 7500 visitors over a 2-day period.

The Festival, hosted by Mr. Clyde Ferguson, Jr., son of the late-great "Pop" Ferguson, was the fifth annual two day music festival celebrating the history of Blue's Music and the roots of "American Music". June 7th & 8th in Historic Downtown Lenoir, NC.

The Pop Ferguson Blues Festival educates and entertain’s young and old alike through telling of Stories based on both historical fact and folklore, along with authentic blues music.

Pop Ferguson Blues was established in 2007, when Clyde (Pop) Ferguson Sr. was recognized for his authentic blues and gospel, by the North Carolina Folk life Institute, as one of the last practitioners of traditional Blues in the ...North Carolina foothills.  Organizations that collaborated to recognize, Clyde (Pop) Ferguson are the, Blue Ridge National Heritage, the Appalachian Regional Commission, National Endowment for the Arts and the North Carolina Arts Council.

Pop Ferguson has been inducted into the Smithsonian Institute and will be recognized in an African American Exhibit due to open in 2015.  The festival, now an annual event, takes place in historical Lenoir, North Carolina at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The Festival is all about about preserving, celebrating and sharing authentic blues music via education and live blues music and telling about the colorful life and contributions of Clyde "Pop" Ferguson, Sr.  Clyde Ferguson, Jr. , a Music Instructor, Blues Heritage Historian and Lecturer is the Organizer of the annual music festival , “The Pop Ferguson Blues Music Heritage Festival” is held in downtown Lenoir, N.C . Clyde Jr. is the organizer of Pop Ferguson Blues Festival Committee and the Chairman on the Board of Director's. "Pop Ferguson Blues Heritage Festival" has completed its 5th year. It continues to grow every year and attracts thousands of people from not only North Carolina and entire east coast but also from California and states in America’s heartland.

This year’s festival, (June 7th and 8th 2013) theme was, “Celebrating Women of the Blues”, as well as celebrating, Clyde “Pop” Ferguson’s 75th year of playing and singing the blues.  The Festival is designed to educate and entertain our audiences with authentic “Down-home gutbucket Blues” as it is sung by Pop Ferguson with his praiseful voice and his skillful display of guitar mastery.  Clyde Jr. on bass guitar accentuates Pop's magic as well as adds informative vignettes filled with facts and humor. Accompanied by talented seasoned back up musicians and an eclectic array of fans from all cultures and walks in life as an audience, all experienced the true spirit of "Pop Ferguson Blues"...."up close and personal" ...Blues with NO apologies!!

1841 Cafe w/Wanda Johnson & Veronika Jackson
Martin Luther King Center w/ Fast Eddie featuring Little Dougie & Linda Rodney aka Chocolate Thunder

FREE Blues Demonstrations / Workshops on Saturday morning starting at 9am at Highland Coffee House in Downtown Lenoir: Blues Harmonica, Blues Violin, How to build a Cigar Box Guitar

1pm to 1:40 pm Blues on the Street w/ Smokin Joe Blues band next to Highland Coffee and The Jacob Johnson Band next to Marvin s one stop record shop.

1:50 Shelton Powe on stage in the square
2:10 Veronika Jackson
2:50 The Mayors welcome
3:00 Pop Ferguson and friends
3:50 Rosa Russ
4:40 Catfish Groove (Fast Eddie and Little Dougie)
5:20 Wanda Johnson
6:15 Cool John Ferguson
7:00 Chocolate thunder
8:00 Barbara Carr
9:00 closing Jam starts
10pm close

 All in all...a wonderful experience for the entire family and the Community of Lenoir!!!

       VansForVets Foothills Chapter to Attend Lenoir Community Days Celebration

A community festival is planned for May 18, 2013 and is called, "Festival in the Park" in Lenoir, NC 28645.  The festivities will take place at the Community Park which is located at 720 Mulberry St. SW, Lenoir, NC.  Happings will include mulit-cultural music, ethnic and cultural dances, performances by local and visiting musicians, local 'famous' food vendors, exhibits of arts and crafts, sales of locally-produced art and craft items by local and regional vendors and plenty of activities for children and grownup's alike.  The first 'Festival in the Park' celbration was held in 2007 and has returned every year since then, 'due to popular demand'!  City Parks Manager, Rob Winkler, will be hosting the event and anticipates that more than 40 food vendors will be in attendance. 

Mr. Winker has received applications from 40 non-food vendors, too, of which VansForVets.Org is one of the applicants.  Executive Director Dr. Joe Resnick, along with several local volunteers, will be manning VansForVets' tent which will be adorned with flags representing all service branches.  VansForVets.Org will be distributing free balloons to anyone who wants one, as well as brochures about its program and brochures and trinkets supplied by local service branch Recruiting offices representing the US Navy, US Marine, US Air Force, The US Army, the Air National Guard and the US Coast Guard. Mr. Winkler estimates that there will be more than 1000 persons in attendance over the course of the event, which starts at 10:00 O'Clock A.M. and ends at 6:00 O'Clock P.M. 

The Community Park closes at sunset.  All are invited to attend, to partake of some 'Real Southern Hospitality', listen to some down-home 'Pickin-N-A' Grinnin' and some of the best banjo and fiddle players this side of the Mississippi!  The food promises to be fantastic!!

And please don't forget that VansForVets.Org is in the midst of it fundraising efforts to purchase a new handicap equipped van for use in the Foothills Region.  Please donate, today, at:  

            VansForVets.Org Launches Effort to Obtain New Transport Vehicles

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, in collaboration with other VFV-Chapters in VA, LA, CA, TX, PA, WV, MI, NY and NV, has launched an on-line advertising campaign via the '' web portal in an effort to raise funds to purchase a used handicap-equipped van for use in the Greater Foothills Region in North Carolina.  The ad campaign was launched on Sunday, April 21, 2013 and first appeared on VansForVets.Org's web portal on the popular web space, 'FaceBook'.  VFV's ad can be viewed, and donations may be made directly online at this portal: .It's hard to believe that was 6 years ago!!!

Patrons and supporters are being offered some exciting premiums in exchange for their tax-deductible donation, including Tee', Hats, Coffee Mugs, Jackets, and Gift Cards made possible through a Grant from one of VFV's Corporate sponsor's The HomeDepotFoundation of Atlanta, GA .

One of the exciting premiums being offered is what Dr. Resnick calls, 'a hidden Masterpiece', titled, "At The Cottage Door", a canvas painting produced in the year 1870 by the English genre' artist, J.W. Gunn.  The painting has been a treasured item in Dr. Resnick's family for over 125 years and has quite a 'colorful history', Resnick said.  A web site providing more details about the  masterpiece, setting forth its Provenance, may be viewed by clicking the following link: and is also viewable through the links on at FaceBook, Twitter, and Dr. Resnick's FaceBook Wall at .

Contemporaneously with launching the intiative to obtain a handicap-equipped transport van, Mrs. Joy Mann-Simmons, in collaboration with other VFV Chapter-Presidents, Keith Regan (Baton Rouge, LA), Ron Stewart (Gonzales, TX) and Mark Randolph (Hudson, MI) has launched a separate effort to secure another vehicle for intended use in VFV's planned project to start a 'Mobile Food Produce Pantry' in the Foothills Region of North Carolina.  An application for a Grant to be used to acquire a refrigerated truck has been submitted to the BiLo-Winn Dixie Foundation, headquartered in Mauldin, SC as shown on BiLo's web portal at .  Due to the increase in the number of ageing, disabled and homeless veteran and disabled, elderly home-bound persons and veteran-family populations in the Foothills Region of North Carolina (to include, Caldwell, Catawba, Burke, Wilkes, Wautaga, Buncombe Counties), VansForVets.Org has established a food bank and emergency homeless shelter at its facility in Caldwell County. In order to improve effectiveness in eliminating hunger, VansForVets.Org finds it necessary to expand outreach to homeless persons and home-bound, now-elderly veterans and family members. In order to improve its expanded Mission to provide services and outreach to these populations, VansForVets.Org intends to commence operation of a mobile produce pantry starting in June 2013 in Cladwell County (NC).

The new mobile pantry will specialize in the pickup and distribution of locally-grown produce for distribution to disabled, homeless and home-bound individuals in Caldwell and surrouding counties in the Foothill Region. The mobile produce pantry (a 2004 Dodge-Ram SuperVan) will be delivering produce during late afternoon during weekend hours in underserved areas of Caldwell and surrounding counties. Much of the produce obtained by 'VFVFB' will be donated by local farmers/growers. The mobile produce pantry will help to reach clients that might not have been able to get to an agency or other food bank due to limited hours or location. This new program will significantly increase the amount of produce that VFVFB will be able to process and deliver every month to present and new clients. Further, the mobile pantry will be able to deliver emergency foodstuffs and produce to homeless individuals to locations where these individual have established temporary residences.

VansForVets.Org is seeking support from the Winn-Dixie Foundation in order to expand its present services and be able to provide supplemental and emergency food supplies to disabled and homeless persons and to families with small children (At-Risk Youth). Day-to-day operations of the Caldwell County facility is tasked to Mrs. Joy Mann-Simmons, Southern Regional Director of VansForVets.Org. Mrs. Simmons has had oversight of establishment of other food bank and emergency shelter facilities at other   VansForVets.Org Chapters throughout the USA and Guam. Thus, the business model for operation of the Caldwell County (NC) facility has been demonstrated effective and is in compliance with 42 USC § 1791 - Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, known as the “Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act”. The Act allows for donations of any “apparently fit grocery product” that meets all quality and labeling standards imposed by Federal, State, and local laws and regulations even though the product may not be readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus, or other conditions. The food bank shall be operated on the third Thursday of each and every consecutive month, during the hours of 2:00 P.M. until 4:30 P.M., commencing in the month of June, 2013 and continuing through December 31, 2013. Presently, VansForVets.Org provides emergency food to predominently disabled/homeless Veterans, but has had many requests for assistance from other disabled and homeless persons, many with families and small children, that it desires to assist consistent with it stated Mission Statement (to provide services and assistance to At-Risk Youth). VansForVets.Org does have additional regional support from established grocery chain stores, e.g., Wal Mart (Blowing Rock Blvd., Lenoir, NC) and Food Lion (Morganton Blvd/St Rt 18), Lenoir, NC. Thus, the food bank will specifically provide outreach and services to disabled and homeless populations, and At-Risk Youth. Present food bank participants have demonstrated eligibility for participation in such programs as set forth in programs, e.g., "SNAP".

VansForVets.Org's operational food bank and mobile food pantry model is structured similarly to and based upon that employed by 'Feeding America.Org'. Mrs. Simmons was one of the designers of those types of programs which constantly work to innovate and improve services, decrease waste with goals of becoming even more efficient and effective. Through expansion of services and commencement of operation of a mobile food pantry VFVFB will be able to increase its distribution capacity, serve more clients, reach persons with mobility issues, obtain and distribute more nutritional food to clients in its operational area. Through expansion of services and implementation of operation of the mobile food/produce pantry VFVFB anticipates the ability to increase the number of individuals and families being served from 40 to over 200. This goal is easily quantified and qualified through accurate record keeping and data base maintenance by VFVFB's staff.

     VansForVets.Org Opens Emergency Homeless Shelter in North Carolina

VansForVets.Org has opened an Emergency Homeless Shelter at its facility in Lenoir, NC.  Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, said, "We've had several homeless Vet's show up at our facility in Lenoir, NC seeking a place to stay...and the arrivals were at hours past other homeless shelter's business hours.  The homeless shelter here in Lenoir, at the Baptist Church will not admit people after 5 P.M.  So, some people have no where to go, nothing to eat, and no place to sleep.  We can't have that in this Country".  In the past month four homeless men were given refuge at VansForVets.Org's humble facility.  Dr. Joe went on to say, "Yeah, it's not much and the walls are plastic drop-cloths purchased at the Dollar TreeBut it's warm, dry, and there's food here.  No one goes to bed hungry."

Dr. Resnick said that he plans to make an application to HUD on behalf of VansForVets.Org seeking funds to stand-up a more formal homeless shelter, one that accommodate men, women and families, too.  VansForVets.Org is a certified 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation proudly listed as an America Supports You Homefront Group on the Department of Defense Community Relations web site comprising a national organization of private citizens, volunteers associations and other interested parties. VansForVets.Org's Federal Employer Identification Number is 03-0561266. Additional detailed information regarding VansForVets.Org may be found at

You can help today by making a small cash donation at VansForVet.Org's web portal at PayPal.Com.  Donate Now at PayPal at

       Video Tribute to Crew of DD-862, U.S.S. Vogelsang 'Surfaces'....

The following message was sent to my brother, Paul R. Resnick, Jr., who served aboard the USS Vogelsang from 1964-1967, by his shipmate, Mr. Mel Douglas of Uniondale, NY.  My Brother, Paul, appears at Frame # 51 shown 'swabbing the deck' with two other crew mates.  My brother is the third man on the right, with his pants rolled-up, smoking a cigarette and 'swabbing the deck'!  Way to go, "Putzie"!!!  And thanks to Mel Douglas for the memories!

The message from Mel Douglas is as follows:

I was on the USS STORMES DD-780 searching for any video footage
that might exist of my old ship. I did eventually find some but in the process
I also found a ONE minute video of the USS VOLGESANG from about 1965.

I did some lite editing (added music, sound, titles etc) and posted the video on
YouTube today March 6th, 2013. If interested you can find it at the following address:

Any problems finding it let me know at

Mel Douglas
Uniondale, NY

VansForVets.Org sends a 'Big Salute' to Mr. Mel Douglas for taking his time to put together the video tribute.  Outstanding job, Mel!  Thanks from all of us and 'Go For Beans'!

     Singer-Songwriter 'Extrordinaire', Dave Mason, Posts Salute to Vet's

Dave Mason , posted the following message on his FaceBook Wall this morning (03/02/13), as follows:  "If you have sons, daughters family or  friends serving in the Military, or if you're a Vet... please visit and listen to my song 'Thank You'. Next time you see someone in uniform got over and 'thank them'."  Click on the link above to hear Dave's new song, "Thank Them".  Cudo's to Dave Mason and all the good folks at for all the good things they do to support our Vet's and Families.  Thanks, Dave!

Dave, through his involvement and support of , had a direct hand in helping one of VansForVet.Org's "First Heroe's", Sgt. Adam Burke, who serves as a 'Military Adviser' to WVFV.Net.

Thanks for your service, Adam.  All of us, at VansForVets.Org, are very proud of you!

                           General Norman Schwarzkopf Laid to Rest

First Sgt. Michael Salazar of the West Point Military Police Company, escorts the cremains of retired Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf following today's memorial service. Read more from West Point - The U.S. Military Academy:

                       Today is the Anniversary of raising the US Flag at Iwo Jima

Today (February 23) is the Anniversary of the raising of the US Flag on Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima. My Dad's cousin, Robert Resnick who was in charge and on deck that day, supplied the second flag for raising on Mt. Suribachi.  It was this second flag that was photographed and which became the subject of much controversy.  The Coast Guard Historian's Office supports claims made by Robert Resnick, who served aboard LST 758. "Before he died in November 2004, Resnick said Gagnon came aboard LST-758 the morning of February 23rd looking for a flag. Resnick said he grabbed one from a bunting box and asked permission from commanding officer Lt. Felix Molenda to donate it. Resnick kept quiet about his participation until 2001."[14] The flag itself was sewn by Mabel Sauvageau, a worker at the "flag loft" of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard.[15]  Read the whole story of the raising of the flag(s) here: 

Another reference about the flag is found here: 

                                        "OPERATION GREEN LIGHT"

VansForVets.Org has commenced its "OPERATION GREEN LIGHT" at its facility in Lenoir, NC.  The 'operation' is pretty simple.  When the 'Green Light' is flashing someone is available to help disabled and homeless Vet's and family members.  See a short video at this link: . 

                    Cemetery Marker Project In North Carolina/VA Completed

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, along with two dozen Volunteers from various service groups in the Foothills Region of North Carolina, has completed a cleaning/rehab project in which hundreds of Vet's grave markers were cleaned and re-set.  Working with volunteers from various American Legion Posts, VFW Posts and associated veterans support groups, teams from various locations in the Region have been working since early Summer of 2012 targeting veterans graves that have fallen into disrepair or have been overlooked and in need of cleaning.  

Several recent Cadet-Grads from the US Marine Corps participated in our program.  Due to VFV's 'Privacy Policy', and because the Marine's are 'Silent Heroes', we can't disclose names here.  But, God knows who you are and what you did to Honor your Brothers-In-Arms, and so do the men/women whose graves you tended...and so do I!  Thanks, Marines!

Dr. Joe estimates that he, along with the outstanding group of volunteers, have logged 'about 3000 hours and covered an area of about 200 square miles in the Foothills Region'. All participants are now eligible for receipt of the 'Presidental Service Award' with hours served counting toward various levels of Achievement/Awards.

Thanks to all who volunteered their time and services to show appreciation to our Fallen Heroes'.

Financial support for the project was enabled through a Grant from the HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, GA that provided portable pressure-washing equipment, detergents, chemical adhesives/sealants which were used in making repairs and cleaning of the various grave sites throughout parts of Western North Carolina and Southern Virgina. 

Many of the grave sites were on located private lands and farms where loved ones, Veterans, were laid to rest during the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Viet Nam War. 

VansForVets.Org would like to take this opportunity to express 'Thanks and Cudo's' and a Big "HOO-RAH" to all the good people who supported this noble effort.  Thank you all, so much, especially the men and women who were 'on-leave' from Active Duty who took the time to help out with this effort.  Thanks, again, to all!


                       VansForVets.Org Makes Repairs in Va Beach

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, along with his Grand Son, Master Holden Lane, are shown below making a purchase of a new screen door and motion-sensor lights for installation at a disabled Vet-household in Va Beach, VA on Saturday, September 16, 2012. 

The purchases were made possible through a Grant from the HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, Ga which enables purchase of home improvement products so that Vet's can make necessary home repairs.  Funds are still avalable and Vet's are encouraged to apply for participation.  To participate simply send an email to Executive Director, Dr. JoeResnick. For additional information about the HomeDepot Foundation Projects visit their web site at

Thanks to HomeDepot Employee, "Zack" (shown with VFV-Volunteer, Master Holden A. Lane) for helping to load the van and Thank You HomeDepot Foundation for making this possible!!!

VansForVets.Org's Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, is shown here holding the 14-In-1 Multi-Tool  manufactured in the USA by Sheffield Tools of Memphis, TN USA (see: ).  Made possible by a generous Grant from the HomeDepotFoundation (see: ) of Atlanta, GA VansForVets.Org was able to purchase a number of the 14-In-1 Sheffield Multi-Tool products for distribution to Disabled Vet's and Families under the current home improvement project being sponsored by the HomeDepot Foundation.  Dr. Joe said, "This is one of the finest hand-tools I've ever seen or used and even surpasses the quality of other international-European tool and knife manufacturers.  VansForVets.Org was able to purchase a number of these units for distribution under the HomeDepot Foundation Grant Program presently in progress.  I highly recommend the Sheffield 14-In-1 Multi-Tool.  I plan to showcase this little gadget at the next ADPA/NDIA (see: ) in Washington, and plan to make similar recommendations to my 'acquisitions-buddies' at DoD.  This is an excellent product, highest quality and precision I've ever seen/owned!  This is the perfect 'gift' for everyone...Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Civil Air Patroler's and anybody that might ever need an easy-to-use, light-weight, high-quality hand tool".  VansForVets.Org has a number of these fine hand tools available and Disabled Vet's and Family Members are encouraged to apply and participate in the present HomeDepot Foundation Program.  To participate simply contact Dr. Joe via email at Director@VansForVets.Org or contact any Chapter President.

VansForVets.Org is pleased to welcome its newest Sponsor, The HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, GA. Thanks to the HomeDepot Foundation, VansForVets.Org is now distributing tool sets and home improvement products to applicants so they can make repairs to their home's. To date, VansForVets.Org has distributed tool sets, lawn care items, appliances, food/candy, sundry items, weatherization kits, paint kits and other home improvement products under this generous grant from the HomeDepot Foundation. The Board of Directors, Officers, participants, awardee's and all affiliated with VansForVets.Org wishes to express sincere "Thanks" to the HomeDepot Foundation for making this program possible. "Way To Go"...HomeDepot!!!!

              Executive Director Distributes Tool Sets To Disabled Vets

Shown here Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, presents tool kits to a Disabled Veteran who wished to be identified only as,  "General Jim", under a grant made possible by the HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, GA. Any disabled Vet can participate.

Under the program VansForVets.Org is making available home improvement products, tool, etc., to applicants.  Any disabled Veteran may apply simply by contacting Dr. Joe Resnick at email address:  Funds are limited, so be sure to apply today!

Special "Tip O' The Hat" to the Captain and Crew of the USS Truman!


    VansForVet.Org Receives Cash Grant from the Home Depot Foundation

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, well received at Home Depot in Hickory 

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, visited the HomeDepot Store in Hickory, NC on 7/22/12 and made the first purchases for home improvement items which will be distributed to Disabled Vet's and Families in the Greater Foothills Region of North Carolina in the coming days and weeks.  Dr. Resnick was warmly received by Mr. Jim Lange, Specialty Sales Assistant Store Manager, as well as Staff Members, Samantha, Wayne, Bobby, and all Department Personnel.  VansForVets.Org Volunteers will be distributing items, e.g., tools, painting kits, yard tools, weatherization kits and free balloons and candies for the children at a number of upcoming events in the Region over the next few weeks in Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton Granite Falls and Metro-Asheville.  Vet's desiring to participate in this program are encouraged to contact Dr. Resnick via email at: Director@VansForVets.Org or contact any of the VansForVets.Org Chapters in San Diego, CA, Hudson, MI, VaBeach, Va, Baton Rouge, LA, Gonzales, Tx, Pittsburgh, PA, Cary, NC, N. Ft. Myers, FL., Sarasota, FL or simply send requests to: Helpdesk@VansForVets.Org.  Thanks and "Cudo's" to The HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, GA for helping our Vet's and Families and for the opportunity to help so many American Families through such a generous program!  Thanks, HomeDepot!!!!

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, visited the HomeDepot Store in Hickory, NC on 7/22/12 and made the first purchases for home improvement items which will be distributed to Disabled Vet's and Families in the Greater Foothills Region of North Carolina in the coming days and weeks.  Dr. Resnick was warmly received by Mr. Jim Lange, Specialty Sales Assistant Store Manager, as well as Staff Members, Samantha, Wayne, Bobby, and all Department Personnel.  VansForVets.Org Volunteers will be distributing items, e.g., tools, painting kits, yard tools, weatherization kits and free balloons and candies for the children at a number of upcoming events in the Region over the next few weeks in Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton Granite Falls and Metro-Asheville.  Vet's desiring to participate in this program are encouraged to contact Dr. Resnick via email at: or contact any of the VansForVets.Org Chapters in San Diego, CA, Hudson, MI, VaBeach, Va, Baton Rouge, LA, Gonzales, Tx, Pittsburgh, PA, Cary, NC, N. Ft. Myers, FL., Sarasota, FL or simply send requests to: .  Thanks and "Cudo's" to The HomeDepot Foundation of Atlanta, GA for helping our Vet's and Families and for the opportunity to help so many American Families through such a generous program!  Thanks, HomeDepot!!!!

Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, is shown holding two (2) Award Letters from the Home Depot Foundation, Atlanta, GA.  The amount of the Award is $4000 Dollars which may be used to facilitate purchase of building materials and home improvent items for Disabled Vet's and Families.  To Apply to participate in this program persons are encouraged to apply by contacting Dr. Resnick via Email to Director@VansForVets.Org or by contacting any of the other VFV-Chapter Presidents.  Participants are required to show a DD-214 and the amount of requests may not exceed $100 Dollars.

                  Executive Director Makes New Friends in the NC Foothills Region

While working in the Foothills Region of North Carolina and the Catawba Valley, Executive Director Dr. Joe Resnick has connected with Marine-Veteran, Mr. Robert "Bob" Church of Lenoir, NC.  In addition to expressing concern for Veteran's issues, the men share a common interest and love of 'Geology'.  Mr. Church served as a Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, LAMB (Light Anti-Missile Batallion) Division, Cherry Point, NC during the Viet Nam War.

After separating from the Marine Corps Bob developed an interest in Geology and land formations.  As Bob continued to gain knowledge he began participating in field trips with other Spelunkers and 'amatuer geologists'.

As shown, Bob's collection is quite extensive with specimens being gathered and coolected from all states in the South. 

                                      New Chapter Opens in Lenoir, NC

VansForVets.Org has recently opened its newest Chapter in Lenoir, North Carolina to provide services and outreach to Vets and families in the Greater Catawba Valley Region.  Serving Catawba and Caldwell Counties, the "William R. "Bill" Mann Chapter of VansForVets.Org" will work in conjunction with the FootHills Valley Regional Office of the VA and plans to participate in the Second Annunal FoorHills Valley 'Stand Down' event in April, 2013.  Plans are in the making to open additional Chapters in the region.

The newest Chapter was established by Joy Mann-Simmons, Southern Regional Director for VansForVets.Org (Perry/Macon, GA) and named in honor of Mr. Bill Mann, Joy's Father, who served in the U.S. Air Force at Edwards AFB during the 1950's.

Welcoming VFV to the Community and shown here is Mr. Jim Dorion of Lenoir, NC who is known in the Catawba Valley Region as the "Unauthorized Flag Police" for the Marine Corps League, DAV, VFW and the American Legion.  Jim served in the US Marine Corps during the Viet Nam campaigns in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  As you can see Jim is a motor cycle 'enthusiast' and is the proud owner of a 1942 Harley Davison 'War Buggie'.  Shown here in the photo is VFV's Executive Director, Dr. Joe Resnick, and Mr. Jim Dorion.

Jim says he found this 'classic' War Buggy at a local used car dealership (car lot) in Lenoir, NC and fell in love with it.  When purchased the motorcycle had only 400 original miles on it.  After riding in dozens of parades and participating in events to help Veteran's causes, the War Buggy now has more than 6,000 miles on it.  Feel free to contact Jim.

         VansForVets Stands-Up "Brown-Elmore Chapter" in Hudson, WI

Mr. Mark Randolph. US Army (Ret) of Hudson, WI has established the newest Chapter of VansForVets.Org this past week.  More info to follow about upcoming events in Hudson, WI and the greater Metro Area! 

Mark was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. where he attended Trinity Episcopal Elementary School and St. Aloysious Elementary School.  During that time Mark spent a lot of time with with his neighbor, Mr. Brown , who served in WW1 as an Infantryman in the US Army. Mark later attended University Lab High School ( U-High) and Robert E. Lee High School in Baton Rouge, LA.

Mark joined the Service when he was 18. Mark fondly remembers being Mr. Brown's 'sidekick'.   The pair spent much time fishing, dining and working on father-son projects.  Mr. Brown passed away while Mark was deployed in Germany.  Mark was unable to attend the services for Mr. Brown.  

Another notable Veteran who influenced Mark's life was his Uncle, "Junior", (Elmore Cunningham).  Mr. Cunningham served in the US Navy and undertook several tours of duty during the Viet Nam Era.

Mark served in the US Army's 101 st. Airborne / Air Assault B. Co. 1-327 Infantry.

Mark completed Basic Training at Ft. Benning Ga. Upon Honorable Discharge Mark attended LSU from 1991-1995 and graduated in 1995.  Mark worked as a Field Investigator, Fraudulent Claims, as a Private Investigator for the State Attorney General's Office and State Insurance Commissioner (GA). Mark now resides in Hudson, WI.

Under VansForVets.Org's Charter, individuals establishing New Chapters may select the name of the Chapter.  In honor of Mr. Brown and Mr. Cunningham, Mark had named the newest Chapter, "The Brown-Elmore Chapter, VansForVets.Org".

Please feel free to contact Mark and get involved.  Mark has many exciting events planned and will need the help of all Americans! Way to go...Mark...and Welcome Aboard!!!!                                                                                                                                     

                        Copyright, 2006, VansForVets.Org, All Rights Reserved