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Some of you may not know that Dr. Resnick  worked with the US Military's MWD-Project at Lackland AFB, TX providing specialized K-9 Body Armor (under his US Patent # 5,807,724) that enable our loyal K-9 Troops and Officers to assist our brave service personnel in critical operations and missions. "Roscoe" was Dr. Resnick's personal K-9, as was "Ike", both of which were outstanding animals to the very end. After years of service as Military Working Dogs ("MWD's") Roscoe and Ike have been retired. The Officers and Directors of VansForVets.Org have established a Special Retirement Fund for these deserving K-9's so that they may enjoy the remainder of their days 'romping and relaxing' in fields of grass and clover.

Pictured below is "Ike" one of the US Military's MWD K-9's

Pictured below is "Roscoe" The Wonder Dog

Persons wishing to contribute to their Retirement Fund may do so by contacting Dr. Resnick


A very special "Thanks" goes out to these animals for their bravery and service to our country.